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Superstar Athlete-Designed Apparel : BRADY

Football superstar Tom Brady took to Instagram to announce the launch of ‘BRADY,’ his first-ever menswear line, which he has spent the last three years developing with co-founder Jens Grede and designer Dao-Yi Chow.

According to a recent press release, the brand will utilize “advanced fabrications and more sustainable practices” to create a diverse range of active and casual wear garments. In fact, splitting the brand between performance apparel and everyday clothing seems to be at the heart of the projected launch, which will feature two collections dubbed ‘Train’ and ‘Live.’

Set to launch this December, the new line will be made available exclusively online via the BRADY website. As of yet, no other details regarding the actual product offerings have been released. All fans have received is a simple Instagram post from the elite athletes with a caption reading, “Run the game, don’t let the game run you. BRADY—my next-generation apparel brand is coming soon.”

Image Credit: Raymond Hall/Getty Images, BRADY

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