The Youngest Shooting Expert: William Shaner

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Summer Olympics gold medallist William Shaner is an American sportsperson. He enjoys a significant fan base across all Social Networking platforms. He is very engaged on his Twitter and Instagram handles. He has an Excellent Presence, which amazes the public. Famous Will Shaner became well-known after uploading pictures with motivational remarks on his Instagram page. Anyone can check his social media profile to view his most recent pictures and activities. 

Throughout the entire article, you will learn every single piece of information about William Shiner’s lifestyle, achievements, personal life, social media fan base, and accolades after this article.

William Shaner: Birthday, Age, Birthplace.

William Shaner is a famous young-age sportsman from America. He is well-known for his shooting skills. He is much younger, yet an exceptionally talented rifle shooter from Colorado, United States of America. His birthday was on April 25, 2001. The shooter turned twenty-one this year in April. The USA is his motherland, whereas Springs, Colorado, is his hometown. 

William Shaner: Early life, Education, and Childhood.

Shaner was born to a couple from Colorado Springs on April 25, 2001. According to his bytes, his parents helped him to learn rifle shooting and complete training while they moved to the Western Slopes. William Shaner finished his early education in Western Slopes and moved to Kentucky. His parents added that they moved back to Colorado while Willam was in his teenage. He is currently at Kentucky University, completing his Bachelor’s degree. 

William Shaner: Profession

William Shaner, most prominently known as “Will Shaner,” is a professional sportsperson from the United States of America. He is an Air Rifle shooter by profession. According to reports, Shaner was keen to get the achievement in the sports field from a very little age. He started his training when he was a very young boy. Soon, his interest in rifle shooting became more robust, and he started his professional training. As time, Shaner’s professional training got more intense, and he started participating in different rifle shooting championships across the country at the age of twenty-one; he made the magic of grabbing the Gold Medal in Men’s 10-meter Air Rifle shooting.  

William Shaner: An International Champion 

William Shaner was formerly a familiar face of Men’s Air Rifle shooting at the national level in Colorado. After competing at several National Level games, Shaner predominantly stepped into the International championship of Men’s Air Rifle shooting. In each national and international game, William Shaner has performed well. He is most notable for his success at the 2020 Summer Olympics 2020. In 2020, William Shaner was a part of the Kentucky Rifle Team. He was well-trained and guided by coach Mullin. Shaner gifted a brilliant performance and secured the first position in Men’s 10er Rifle Shooting. Shaner seamlessly achieved the crown of the most talented and youngest rifle shooter by bagging the Gold Medal in the Summer Olympics in 2022. According to Shaner’s parents, who spoke to a well-known news outlet, he has spent most of his life training to make a stunning Olympic debut. According to Shaner’s father, he was born in Colorado Springs and picked up shooting while living with his relatives on the Western Slope. When William was a teenager, they returned to Colorado Springs, where he received his training. The little boy suddenly grew faster, and today he is playing against the finest in the world in a competition. They expressed their joy and their pride in their young boy.

William Shaner Physical Fitness, Health Routine & Diet Chart, Favourite Food, Holiday Plans, Hobby, etc.

  1. William Shaner is 5 feet 11 inches tall. He has brown hair and brown eyes. He is white-complexioned and has several tattoos on his body. His biceps size is 15.  
  2. Shaner’s favorite colors are Pink, White, and Black.
  3. Shaner loves to follow a strict diet chart on weekdays. He is a fitness freak who goes to the gym regularly. 
  4. Shaner starts the day with Brown multi-grain bread, egg whites, dry fruits, and milk. He refers to having brown-boiled rice, freshly-cooked veggies, and boiled spinach for lunch. For protein, he takes grilled fish or chicken. Shaner shared that he is a coffee lover. He loves to have filter cappuccino and dry fruits for evening munching. He is an early-to-bed person. Shaner usually completes his dinner before 8 pm. For dinner, he prefers vegetables, fresh green salads, green coconut, seasonal fruits, soya, Coconut water, etc. He lives dark chocolate as dessert. According to reports, Shaner enjoys ‘cheat dates’ on weekends. He is a mad fan of pizza. He also loves ice cream and chocolates.
  5. The 21 years old Air Rifle Gold Medalist typically loves to spend time with his family on holidays but also plans for weekend destinations. Canada, Dubai, and London; are his favorite holiday destinations to enjoy a vacation.
  6. The Colorado Springs neighbor, William Shaner, is a hobbyist of gaming as well. He loves to do exciting things to spend his leisure time. This fitness freak loves Gymming as a hobbyist! He also enjoys playing video games and watching movies, TV shows, and series when he gets a little break from shooting. 

William Shaner: Social Media & Fan following

Shaner enjoys a good fan base on his Instagram and Facebook handles. He also has an active Twitter page with a Blue tick ( UK Rifle). He communicates with his social media family through each medium and is connected with them. William Shaner and his Social media details are:

  1. Instagram Handle: @w1lliam_shaner
  2. Twitter Handle: Managed by UK Rifle
  3. Facebook Page: Will Shaner

Shane often shares his most-recent photos, activities, reels, videos, and shorts through his social networking handles.


William Shatner is a famous sports figure with a highly versatile and talented personality. He has a prosperous future in sports and can become an exceptional young emerging talent in Air Rifle shooting. With a decent fan following and social media engagement, Shaner is always connected with his fans. He is an attractive, impressive, desirable young, talented, and fit man. He can easily be a role model for many budding children who wish to be rifle shooters.