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Transfer-Resistant Lip Tints : Dramatic Lip Tint

The Maquillage Dramatic Lip Tint has a glossy finish and a formula that’s transfer-resistant, making it perfect for wearing under a face mask. In fact, this new cosmetic product was developed in response to the increased use of personal protective equipment, which caused the sales of lipsticks to suffer over the last year or so.

Unlike most transfer-proof lip products, this one is not matte or drying, and it instead offers moisturizing benefits and a transparent glossy film. The hydrating lip product can be found in five shades and it features cutting-edge technology that allows the formula to separate when applied on the lips; the gloss component rises and forms a topcoat-like surface for a comfortable experience.

As well as resisting transfer to face masks, the lip tints also hold up against other surfaces like drinking glasses.

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