Tuesday, February 7, 2023

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TV Show-Themed Streetwear : Squid Game collection

Emotionally Unavailable, a streetwear label founded by Edison Chen and Kybum Lee, has partnered with Netflix to release a new clothing line based on ‘Squid Game.’ In order to promote the new line, the fashion brand tapped famous American jeweler Ben Baller after numerous online memes surfaced joking that Baller looked like the series’ protagonist.

The collection consists of many items, including long-sleeve shirts, short-sleeve t-shirts, and hats. All of the garments presented in the collection offer some playful combination of Emotionally Unavailable’s branding and elements taken directly from ‘Squid Game.’ For example, several garments are dressed with the shapes used in the show’s famous ‘honeycomb’ game. In addition, the killer doll from ‘Red Light, Green Light’ is featured on the back of the orange long-sleeve.

Image Credit: Emotionally Unavailable

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