Vitamin-Rich Shea Skin Moisturizers : Whipped Shea Butter

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The Mother’s Shea Whipped Shea Butter is a hydrating skincare product that will provide consumers with a beneficial way to support the needs of their skin. The product is achieved using more than 60% pure shea butter along with sunflower oil and apricot oil, which gives it a non-comedogenic profile that’s rich in vitamins A, E, F and K. The moisturizer will help to draw moisture to the skin and help retain it throughout the day to make it great for use in the morning or overnight.

The Mother’s Shea Whipped Shea Butter comes in four scent options to choose from including Rose, Vanilla, Eucalyptus and Lavender. The products are all crafted with a cruelty-free and vegan recipe that is also free from parabens and phthalates.


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