5 Reasons To Buy Money Plant

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Money plants have been cherished since ages and centuries. As the name suggests, this plant attracts money and does wonders in the sense of wealth. There are many other benefits that come with having a money plant at home. But before we get on that, let us know what a money plant is.

A money plant is an indoor plant that is said to bring peace, good luck, happiness, prosperity and good fortune at home. A green money plant requires no major maintenance and can grow even without much sunlight and water.

Benefits of Money Plant

The scientific name of the money plant is Epipremnum aureum and here are its benefits.

Purifies Air

Money plants are considered as a natural purifier. This is one of the best benefits to get from the plant in your house. Today when we are already facing a lot of air impurities issues and the world is suffering to a great extent because of it, there could be nothing better than having a plant that cleanses the air you breathe. Money plants remove the harmful pollutants in the air like benzene, toluene, carbon monoxide and xylene. It even eliminates the harmful chemicals and toxins present in the air.

Brings Peace

There are many plants that are said to bring peace in the house. And money plants tops this list. It is a kind of plant that is usually grown inside the house because as per Vastu, it brings wealth and peace to the home. As per teh beliefs, placing a money plant in the southeast area of the living room is the most appropriate place for it to grow.

Money plants radiate positive energy and also induce calmness in the surroundings. Having this plant in the house is said to improve marital relationships.

Increases Humidity in Air

Money plants are a great way of getting rid of the humidity around. If you live in an area that is highly prone to humidity, you definitely need to have this plant in your house. Money plants increase humidity in the air with the help of evapotranspiration. The moisture gained back by the money plant in the humid climate helps one get relief from dry skin, chapped lips, nosebleeds and even prevents allergies.

Promotes Wealth

There is a belief that having money plants in the house attracts wealth and prosperity. However its placement is what actually makes the difference. As per Vastu, it should always be placed in the south west direction of the room.

Strengthens Relationships

Money plants are a good luck charm for many relationships. It keeps them healthy and strong. Also because the leaves of this plant are heart-shaped, people believe this plant mends and strengthens relationships. It is also believed that gifting a money plant to your friends and family gives rise to strong bonds and happiness.

Buying money plants online is probably the most appropriate way to have it as that way you get many discounts and offers.