One Piece Filler List – Complete Episodes

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One Piece is a show that is loved by many, but because of how big it is and because it has so many episodes, people want to avoid a lot of its episodes because they are just fillers, and if you are one of them, don’t worry, we got you covered.

Below, in this blog, we have listed down all the One Piece Filler List. 

One Piece Filler List – Complete Episodes 

Here are all the filler episodes in the show One Piece: 

No of Episode Title of the Episode 
50 Usopp vs Daddy The Pirate! Showdown at High Noon
51 A Burning Culinary Battle? Sanji vs The Gorgeous Chef
54 Foreboding of a New Adventure! The Puzzling Girl, Apis
55 The Holy Beast! Apis’ Secret and the Legendary Island
56 Eric’s Raid! Great Escape from Warship Island!
57 Lone Island in a Distant Sea! The Legendary Lost Island
58 Duel in the Ruins! Strained Zoro vs Eric!
59 Luffy, Completely Surrounded! Admiral Nelson’s Secret Plan
60 Those Who Soar in the Open Skies! Revival of the 1000-Year Legend!
61 Angry Finale! Cross the Red Line!
93 Coming to the Desert Kingdom! The Rain-Calling Powder and the Rebel Army!
98 Here Come the Desert Pirates! The Men who Live Free
99 Spirit of the Fakes! Heart of the Rebel Army, Kamyu!
101 Heat Haze Duel! Ace vs. Scorpion Man
102 Ruins and Lost Ways! Vivi, Her Friends, and the Country’s Form
131 The First Patient! Anecdote of the Rumble Ball
132 The Navigator’s Mutiny! For an Unwavering Dream!
133 Inherited Recipe! Sanji the Curry Iron Chef
134 I’ll Make it Bloom! Manly Usopp’s Eight-Shaku Ball
135 Infamous Pirate Hunter! The Wandering Swordsman, Zoro!
136 Zenny of Goat Island and the Pirate Ship in the Mountains!
137 How’s That for Profit? Money Lender Zenny’s Ambition!
138 Where the Island’s Treasure Lies! Zenny Pirates Full Charge!
139 Legend of the Rainbow Mist! Ruluka Island and the Old Man Henzo!
140 Inhabitants of Neverland! The Pumpkin Pirates!
141 A Longing for Home! The Inescapable Pirate Graveyard!
142 Frantic Struggle! Wetton’s Plans and the Rainbow Tower
143 And Then the Legend Begins! To the End of the Rainbow
196 Emergency Official Announcement! Notorious Pirate Ship Infiltration!
197 Sanji the Cook! Showing His Real Worth at the Marine Dining-room!
198 Zoro’s Imprisonment and Chopper’s Emergency Operation!
199 The Search of the Approaching Marines! The Second Person Who Was Captured!
200 Luffy and Sanji’s Desperate Decision! Large Rescue Maneuvers!
201 Hot Blood Special Unit Participation! Bridge Offensive and Defensive Battle!
202 Smash the Barricade! The Going Merry is Recovered
203 The Missing Pirate Ship! 2nd Round Assault on the Fortress
204 The Gold Recovery Plan and the Waver Recovery Plan!
205 Catch Them All in One Net! Jonathan’s Secret Scheme
206 So Long, Marine Base! The Final Battle for Freedom
213 Round 3! Round and Round Roller Race!
214 Burning Roller Race! Dash into the Final Round!
215 The Screaming Speed Serve! Pirate Dodgeball!
216 Final Match on the Edge! Dharma has Fallen!
220 You Lost Your Memory? It Was Taken? Who Are You?
221 The Mysterious Boy With the Whistle and Robin’s Guess!
222 Get Back Your Memories! Landing on the Island!
223 Zoro Sharpens His Fangs! A Fight With a Wild Beast!
224 The Memory Thief’s Final Counterattack Shows His True Nature!
225 A Man of Pride! Foxy the Silver Fox
226 The Nigh Invincible Man? And a Very Dangerous Man!
279 Jump Into the Falls! Luffy’s Feelings!!
280 A Man’s Way of Life! Zoro’s Techniques, Usopp’s Dream
281 A Bond of Friendship Woven by Tears! Nami’s World Map!
282 Separation Refines a Man! Sanji and Chopper
283 All for my Friends’ Sake! The Darkness Within Robin!
291 Boss Luffy Returns! A Dream or Reality Lottery Trouble
292 The Great Mochimaki Race to the Castle! Conspiracy of the Red Nose
303 The Criminal is Boss Luffy? Chase the Vanished Great Sakura Tree
317 The Girl Searching for the Yagara! Great Investigation in the Water Metropolis!
318 The Mother is Strong! Zoro’s Slapstick Housework Help
319 Sanji Crashes! The Mysterious Old Man and Intense Cooking
326 Mysterious Party of Pirates! The Sunny and a Dangerous Trap
327 Sunny in a Pinch! Roar, Secret Superspeed Mecha
328 The Dream Sinking in the New World! The Pirate of Despair, Puzzle
329 The Assassins Attack! The Great Battle Above the Ice Begins
330 The Hard Fights of the Straw Hat Crew! The Pirate Soul Banking it All on the Flag
331 Hot Full Throttle! The Twins’ Magnetic Power Draws Near
332 The Great Chaos Mansion! The Angry Don and the Imprisoned Crew
333 The Phoenix Returns! The Dream of the Pirate Flag Sworn to a Friend


No Title
334 The Super Final Atsu Atsu Battle! Luffy vs. the Scorching Don
335 Waiting in the New World! Farewell to the Courageous Pirates
336 Chopper Man Departs! Protect the TV Station by the Shore
382 Noro Noro Menace – Return of Foxy the Silver Fox
383 The Great Treasure Contest! Collapse! Spa Island
384 Brook’s Hard Struggle – The Difficult Path of Becoming a True Comrade?
406 Special Historical Arc – Boss Luffy Appears Again
407 Special Historical Arc – Boss Luffy Appears Again
426 Movie-connected Special – The Gold Lion’s Ambition Moves Forward
427 Movie-connected Special – Little East Blue is Targeted
428 Movie-connected Special – The Amigo Pirate Crew’s Vicious Assault
429 Movie-connected Special – The Decisive Battle! Luffy vs. Largo
457 Special Retrospective Before Marineford – The Siblings’ Vow!
458 Special Retrospective Before Marineford – Assemble! The Three Admirals
492 The Strongest Tag-Team! Luffy and Toriko’s Hard Struggle!
497 Leaving the Dadan Family!? The Secret Base is Complete
498 Apprentice Luffy!? The Man who Fought the Pirate King!
499 The Battle Against the Big Tiger! Who Will Be the Captain!
506 The Straw Hat Crew Shocked! The Bad News is Received
542 Team Formation! Save Chopper
575 Z’s Ambition Arc – The Little Giant Lily!
576 Z’s Ambition Arc – The Mysterious Strongest Army Appears!
577 Z’s Ambition Arc – A Desperate Big Escape Strategy!
578 Z’s Ambition Arc – Luffy vs. Shuzo!
590 History’s Strongest Collaboration vs. Glutton of the Sea
626 Caesar Goes Missing! The Pirate Alliance Makes a Sortie
627 Luffy Dies at Sea?! The Pirate Alliance Comes Apart
628 A Major Turnaround! Luffy’s Angry Iron Fist Strikes
747 The Silver Fortress – Luffy and Barto’s Great Adventure
748 An Underground Maze – Luffy vs. the Tram Human
749 The Sword Technique Heats Up – Law and Zoro Finally Appear!
750 A Desperate Situation – Luffy Fights a Battle in Extreme Heat
751 Curtain-up on a New Adventure – Arriving at the Phantom Island, Zou!
775 Save Zunisha – The Straw Hat’s Rescue Operation!
780 A Hungry Front – Luffy and the Marine Rookies!


No Title
781 The Implacable Three – A Big Chase After the Straw Hats!
782 The Devil’s Fist – A Show Down! Luffy vs. Grount
807 A Heartbreaking Duel – Luffy vs. Sanji – Part 1
881 Going into Action – The Implacable New Fleet Admiral Sakazuki
895 Special Edition! The Strongest Bounty Hunter Cidre
896 Special Edition! – Clash! Luffy vs. the King of Carbonation
907 20th Anniversary! Special Romance Dawn

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