Upgrade Your Supercar With The Best Audi R8 Carbon Fiber Parts

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The Audi R8 Carbon Parts are ideal to withstand the stresses of racing at high speeds. Carbon fibers offer more strength than steel. It is ideal for autos because carbon fiber reduces weight. Numerous industries use carbon fiber-reinforced plastics, including aerospace, sports equipment, oil and gas, and automotive.

Carbon Fibers are one of the most efficient materials used in the automobile industry. Cars manufactured with carbon fiber are lightweight and provide better acceleration. 

Plus, they are corrosion-proof, heat or chemical-resistant, and electrically resistant.

Different car parts such as panels, parts, and structural pieces made of carbon fiber give improved performance. Whether it is the Audi A3 or another model, carbon fiber is frequently used to manufacture a variety of parts.

Make Your Audi R8 More Attractive With The Best Carbon Parts

With the new Audi R8 carbon parts, you can give your car a sporty and lowered appearance. Let’s have a look at different car parts made using carbon fibers:

The Carbon Fiber Wing

Get a new carbon fiber rear wing to complete your Carbon kit. With 100% real carbon fiber, the wing is lightweight and extremely strong.

  • Provides Useful downforce at high speeds
  • Authentic carbon fiber 2×2 construction
  • Handcrafted pieces
  • Shine like a mirror with a clear coating
  • Fits Audi R8 with other CF parts

An Audi R8 Carbon Fiber Boot Panel

The new carbon fiber boot lid gives the Audi R8 an exotic look and a true hypercar vibe!

  • Contains 100% pure autoclaved carbon fiber.
  • Checked and Tested thoroughly before lacquering.
  • There is no difficulty with installing it as a direct replacement for the original panel.

Carbon Fiber Artisan Front Lip

  • Provides an elegant appearance with a unique front bumper guard
  • Protects your car from scrapes caused by driveways, speed bumps, and curbs. Also, gives protection to your car from collisions, thus reducing damage.
  • The Audi R8 carbon fiber provides maximum protection against road debris and sun damage.
  • With a high-quality carbon fiber finish it provides Audi a fresh appearance on any occasion.
  • A UV protection clear coat protects the weave and prevents the lip from fading.
  • Easy Bolt-On installation

Audi R8 Artisan Carbon Fiber Full Aero Kit

Helps to give Audi R8 a sophisticated Aerodynamic Design. With a lower stance and a more aggressive stance, your Audi will immediately appear more attractive.

  • Aerokit becomes ultralight and strong because of carbon fiber.
  • It reduces wind resistance and produces downforce at high speeds and turns, so your car feels planted to the ground.
  • Ensured unmatched rigidity, strength, and finish.
  • With resin pre-impregnated, vacuum-formed carbon fiber material, the product is stiffer. Come with optimal strength and rigidity without sacrificing structural strength.

Unprecedented hand-made Audi R8 carbon fiber parts for luxury car makes and models are well known.

Steering Wheels

Replacing the steering wheel on your car is one of the most common aftermarket modifications. With the latest steering wheels, your Audi R8 gets improved aesthetics and interior.

  • Helps to have a more precise and quick driving adventure.
  • Offer Ultimate Driving Experience and pleasure
  • With customizable custom racing steering wheels, you can give your car a stylish appearance.
  • Carbon Fiber steering wheels are available in a wide range of styles, finishes, and grips to choose from. 
  • With a small cockpit, it can be difficult for the driver to locate the instruments and lights. Whereas, carbon fiber steering wheels ensure better ergonomics. The driver is able to see shift lights and buttons on a carbon fiber steering wheel.

A custom steering wheel with ergonomics and improved functionality is a smart choice. With extra thick padding wrapped around the steering core, the driver feels more aggressive and has better handling.

Additionally, it has fully customizable stitching, top straps, and carbon fiber. It also offers a smooth and comfortable touch to hands. It is due to the nature of the material not being slippery. 

Performance Exhaust System

The titanium dual-mode exhaust valves reduce back pressure to almost half. It is also best for Audi A3.

  • Improved Power-to-weight ratio
  • Better handling characteristics with the Slip-On Line exhaust system.
  • Increased Power and torque outputs with the Slip-On Line (Titanium).
  • Optimized throttle response.

Do not wait until next year to upgrade your Audi R8’s interior and appearance. Acquire the Improved look and boost performance with Audi R8 carbon fiber parts!  Invest in the right parts and take your car to the next level.