When An Industrial Facility Explodes, What Should Be Done?

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In the event that you and someone you care about were hurt or tragically lost their life due to an explosion in a factory or refinery, you need to be aware that time is your adversary with the help of a plant explosion lawyer in texas.

Your company has likely begun taking measures to minimize your legal recourse to workers’ compensation payments and escape liability for the explosion. Your chances of recovering financially from this tragedy, and those of your loved ones, are slimmer than ever if you wait to take action to defend your rights.

Obtain The Medical Attention You Desire From The Emergency Room

Those who survive an explosion in a factory or refinery should get to a hospital immediately, even if they think they are unharmed or have only sustained minor injuries.

In the immediate aftermath of an explosion, when adrenaline levels are high, it may be difficult to notice subtle damage. Injuries that seem trivial at first glance may be the precursor to something far more catastrophic.

Employers and insurers frequently point to employees’ reluctance to seek immediate medical attention to justify their decision to reject otherwise acceptable claims. A trip to the emergency room is the best way to get any injuries properly recorded promptly.

Don’t Forget To Write Down Your Recollections Of The Bombing

As soon as that happens, please record or write down whatever you can recall regarding the explosion and its immediate aftermath. Any further witnesses’ names and contact information should also be recorded.

Even if you don’t think the physical evidence you have in your hands, including the clothes you were sporting at the time, should be preserved as much as possible.

Employers Won’t Necessarily “Take Care Of You”

Even if your employer and insurance company promise to “make things right” and “take care of you” after an explosion, you should never put your faith in them or your family’s future in their hands.

They will minimize your injuries, blame you and your coworkers for the explosion, hold you to worker’s compensation benefits exclusively, and pay you as little as possible despite their promises.

You should consult with a personal injury attorney who has experience representing victims of the plant as well as refinery explosions in and out of court before giving a recorded statement, signing any paperwork, or accepting any money compared to the business.

Always Follow Your Doctor’s Orders And Recommendations

You must comply with your doctor’s orders and treatment plans, including any restrictions they may place on your activity.

Your company, a workers’ compensation provider, will hunt for any reason to minimize your injuries and deny your claim for benefits. And they will undoubtedly use missed appointments or disregard medical advice as an excuse.

Record your medical expenses, including co-payments, prescription drug costs, and other treatment-related expenses.

Seek Legal Counsel Regarding Explosions At Plants And Refineries

Explosions in factories and refineries are unlike any other kind of industrial mishap. The possibility for record-breaking judgments and settlements arises from the increased likelihood of several workers being badly injured or killed in such disasters.

Because of this, the majority of plant or refinery operators, along with their insurance companies and teams of attorneys, will do everything it takes to avoid taking responsibility for your damage, even if it involves doing things such as the following:

  • Losing or destroying vital evidence demonstrating that the plant’s or refinery’s operator caused the explosion and subsequent injuries.
  • Trying to pin the blame on you by gathering evidence of disagreement between you and your colleagues or with “experts” outside the company.
  • When an employer, an insurer, or a workers’ compensation provider sends you to a doctor, it usually intends to downplay the seriousness of your injuries.
  • Requiring you to sign paperwork absolving the plant or refinery’s owners and operators of any blame for the incident or your injuries.
  • Having professional detectives tail you and your loved ones and document your every move with photographs and video.
  • Using everything you or your loved ones say or post online as evidence that you caused the accident or that your injuries aren’t as bad as you claim.
  • Trying to wear you down by delaying your lawsuit and offering lowball settlement offers.

Consult a Plant and Refinery Explosion Attorney who has the resources to take on the plant owners as well as operators, can help you find and keep the evidence you need to show the organization was at fault, and won’t back down from going to trial if the company refuses to compensate you for your injuries and other losses fairly.